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Content Creation for Insurance and Financial Services is Crucial

Posted by Travis Baker on May 11, 2017

Insurance and financial services content creation have lagged behind many other industries for a few reasons. First of all, they are highly regulated fields. There are a couple of pitfalls that you have to avoid.

Secondly, most insurance and financial services companies think of their product as boring. They often question, “Why would anyone want to know about my product or service? Marketing for insurance is a snooze.”

I have written about why people should choose different pallets and industrial air capture. Nothing is boring to people who need it. And guess what? People need insurance. They need financial services. So shouldn’t you talk about it?

News flash: You should.

Most of the regulations for insurance and financial services as a whole deal with

A. Telling the truth
B.  Not pushing one solution over another

Yes, I know that is a broad simplification. But come on, I am in marketing not law. But I bet if you check with whatever regulations govern your particular area of financial services you will see that I am right.Get a FREE Marketing Assessment

And that is wonderful because the basis behind content marketing and inbound marketing is:

  • Telling the truth.
  • Educating your market.
  • Letting your customer decide what solution they should use

Content marketing, insurance, and financial services are a match made in heaven!

How do you start with content marketing for your insurance company? content creation for insurance and financial services companies.png

My first advice is probably getting old to most of your regular subscribers. Start with your goal.

What do you want your content marketing to do? Sure leads and prospects are excellent, but make sure that you make your goals SMART. The more content tied your goals, the easier they are to accomplish.

Create a calendar for your content: (link) You should know when and what you are going to do for content. Make sure your website can support blogging (if you are on WordPress you are golden) if not, you may have to switch platforms. Talk to your web designer.

Most of your first content pieces are going to be blogs.

Premium content: To get more leads you are going to need to create a piece of premium content. This could be an e-book or a white paper that is helpful to your audience. Remember to write with your audience in mind. You want to keep your marketing pieces informative and not sales-y.

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