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Making Commercial Video Fun "Gee, That's Interesting" with Dip Dopson

Posted by Travis Baker on May 04, 2017

Need help with Commercial video in Charlotte, Rock Hill or Gastonia? Or really anywhere

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Narrator: Met Travis Baker. (Pause) Travis lives in this tree house.

He didn't always live in this tree house. Travis Baker’s actual home is right here. Only a few yards away.

Narrator: Travis has a loving family. Although they are a tad bit irritated by his recent actions.Get a FREE Marketing Assessment

Narrator: The tree house is his young daughter’s playhouse. And on occasion she allows her little brother to play there as well. But her Father has taken it over.

Narrator: Travis moved into his children’s tree house to prove a point. (Laughs) No, not the point that he is a crazy person; though he certainly is. 

He wanted to illustrate the point that many companies just settle into a marketing rut and don’t try anything new. They just keep plugging along with what they have done for years without exploring other options.

Similar to Travis in that little tree house. When a better solution is so close.

Travis: I’m stuck again. Can someone help me get out?

EG: He’s stuck again Mom!

Narrator: Help Travis get out of this house and into this house.

Contact us today and prove to Travis that companies want to take the next step in their marketing. Learn how you can improve your overall strategy, online marketing, inbound marketing and your commercial video.

Amy: (Sighs) Take your Daddy some water, EG. eg and hatz in tree house corporate video charlotte thumbnail.jpg

Travis: (from off Mic:) Can I get some ice, please! It was hot in that slide!

Amy: People who live in the the house get ice! Come in the house! You’re being crazy!

EG: Daddy, Mommy sent you some ice. But can you get out of my tree house? (Pause) I think you broke my slide.

Narrator: 366 Marketing, because a little girl wants her tree house back
Charlotte commercial video.

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