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The Cost for a Website Redesign in Charlotte

Posted by Travis Baker on May 17, 2017

You might have seen our recent blog post about the “Three Stages of Website Design.”Maybe you realized you are in the first stage and your competitors are nearing the third, and it is time for an upgrade. Or perhaps you want to be the first in your space to have the better site. What it boils down to is that you are ready to redo your website, but you are concerned about price.

I understand. You should never pursue any marketing tactic unless you have a high ROI. Now ROI doesn't have to be in monetary form. However, that does help quantify and give you a one-to-one comparison.

If the average sale for your company is in the 3,000 range and your think a website redesign can gain you an extra three sales a year, do it. Do it now.But what if you aren’t entirely sure. If you want to find out how much your leads are worth, get our Lead Calculator here.

The basis for how much should you expect for a website redesign relies on a few different factors.

Location is going to be one. If you hire a marketing company in Charlotte, NC, it should be a bit cheaper than one in Boston, MA. Stands to reason right? Higher cost of living, higher taxes, that all follows.Marketing Agency Assessment Tool

But answer me this.

Why can I get quotes from 3 different marketing companies all located in the greater Charlotte and Rock Hill area that range from $3,000 to $25,000?

Weird huh? The reason behind this is that companies have different degrees of overhead and different ways of tackling a project. For instance, the national company based in Charlotte is going to have different needs than a small construction firm.

And different companies offer different services.

The key to getting what you want on your budget is to have an idea of what you want and a reasonable budget. There are people you can find that work for peanuts but is that who you want to trust your online presence with?

What is the state of your current website? For instance, in a recent project we helped on, the original designer built the site from scratch in HTML. Which is fine but we want to build our sites on a responsive CMS.

A CMS gives our partners the ability to make changes to their website, upload blog articles, etc. without having to wait for us (or pay us). They have the capability. However, the caveat is that we have to rebuild the website.cost of website redesign charlotte agency.png

The upside is that is it on a CMS and gets updated and becomes responsive (it looks good no matter how you view it). What is the downside? It is a bit more expensive for the initial outlay.

You already have all the images and the text, but you need them on a new platform that is responsive and modern. You have the site layout and the landing pages also.

For a project like this, you might expect to pay $2,000-$6,000.

If you are already on the CMS that your web developer uses, that is going to lower cost.
Let’s say you are already on WordPress (the world’s most popular CMS ((and what we use)) and you want to upgrade your website to be responsive.

That is roughly going to be in the $1,000-$2,000 range. Most likely there are changes that have to go along with the responsiveness needs.

Adding E-com: E-com is more expensive than a purely more information site, it requires more work on the back end. Every item that you want to sell needs its page.

You also have to add additional components that cost money on a recurring basis.

If you want to add a small 10 item store, and you have it on something like WordPress, look at around $1,000 to $3,000.

We know that there are a ton of different ways that you might want to upgrade your marketing. Every customer and every website is unique. That is why there's so much room for different quotes on the same process.

If you want a way to be able to take all of these various quotes and appraise them you are in luck. We have a free Creative and Marketing Appraisal Spreadsheet that will allow you to grade each company’s proposal and determine the best fit.

The key to any marketing activity whether it is web design or video marketing is not how much it cost, but how much you expect in return.

I will make an investment that nets me a 200% return every day of the week. And you should too. Measure your lead value and measure your potential partners and pull the trigger. Good luck and if we can help let us know.

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