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June 07, 2018 By Travis A. Baker Leave a Comment

Pro Tips to Make a Great Material Handling Video

Every video production project has unique challenges. From conception to creation, to shooting, to distribution there are a ton of moving parts that you have to nail to get the results you want.

And when you create a material handling video, the issues that you face are compounded.

But not to worry! We have some pro tips to ensure that your material handling video project is a success.

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October 17, 2017 By Travis Baker Leave a Comment

Create a Great Marketing Video for Recruitment and Human Resources

We tailor most marketing videos towards potential clients and leads. While we all know it is important to spend resources attracting more customers sometimes it is just as critical to market to different stakeholders like current and future employees.

Recently we had a conversation with a person in human resources at an industrial company. She was interested in our thoughts on how to convey their culture to prospective employees. Immediately I thought of video. I firmly believe that video allows you to put your best foot forward and gives potential employees a real insight into your company.

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