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February 02, 2018 By Travis A. Baker Leave a Comment

Why You Aren't Using Inbound Marketing (& Why You Should)

I recently started looking at home automation, and I got into it quickly. Bear in mind; this is years after Alec Baldwin began shilling for Amazon Echo. I never really saw the need for home automation, until I saw the need for it.

I have to admit I went a bit crazy on the subject, I am glad we have Prime for all the shipping!

That is how a lot of companies see inbound marketing. You keep hearing it is valuable but nothing has grabbed you about it, or you don’t have buy-in from the boss, or you have other projects that get in the way. Whatever. It has remained a “hmmm that would be nice."

Here is why you should pull the trigger:

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August 30, 2017 By Travis Baker Leave a Comment

Better Opportunities by Developing Premium Website Content

Not every visitor to your website is at the same stage in their journey. In fact, given the variety of keywords you might appear for it’s impossible to know all of the different paths a potential buyer is using to get to you.

When you add-in social media or direct search, you have even more variants to your possible visitor's stages.

The problem is that if you have a newer website or don’t have a variety of content, you might not be able to tell your visitor’s stage. This includes premium website content, which is a downloadable piece of content for your vistors.

However, if you have pages that detail how you can help your prospect’s journey, it will be more beneficial to you and your sales team in the long run because you will not only be garnering leads but you will know where they are in their journey.

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